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Joris designs and makes beautiful jewelry to order. Each design and resulting piece is unique. Please review the gallery page to see samples of custom designed and made jewelry. Most jewelry is made via commissions. Please feel free to leave comments about the works or any questions you may have on the form below.

How commissions work: Joris takes your ideas and styles into consideration, and refines these into a design of the item you want. With some back and forth consultation and a final cost estimate, fabrication is begun.

Recycling old jewelry can really reduce costs, and also preserve sentimental affects of the jewelry to be repurposed. Parts of your no longer used items may be reused in the new piece. This is usual in Joris’ commissions.

Materials can be gold, silver, platinum with gems and diamonds. A large collection of fine gems are available to view towards your commission including sapphire, ruby, emerald, aquamarine, amethyst, opal, citrine, topaz, and many more varieties in a range of cuts and sizes.

Repairs, resizing and jewelry modifications are always welcomed too.

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